Good Works Video is committed to being a responsible business and reducing it’s footprint

as much as possible. In 2015 we signed up to a pilot scheme through Vector Solar, who

installed a 4kWh photo voltaic solar system with 10kWh battery backup.

On average we generate aBOUT 14kWh per day & in the height of Summer we can produce AS

MUCH AS 27kWh. It is quite liberating to know that A GOOD PROPORTION OF OUR OFFICE ELECTRICITY

USE comES directly from the sun!

Of course, the sun is not shining 24/7 so we purchase the rest of our electricity requirements

from Ecotricity. Ecotricity is a certified 100% carboNZero provider. All electricity generated is

sourced from renewables, such as hydro and wind farms.


We are also a member of the NZ Sustainable Business Network.


But wait, there’s more! 

I donate studio time to good causes. If your organisation is a non-profit that's making a difference

i may be able to help out (time permitting, as always).

to date, good works video has donated 50hrs of studio time to ...

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